The Best Things about Being a Certified Assistant Nurse

The Best Things about Being a Certified Assistant Nurse

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Entering the medical world is one of the greatest things a person can achieve. Being a nurse is all about being compassionate towards people, serving, and helping others. You can start your career by becoming a CNA. You must be wondering, “What are the best things about being a Certified Assistant Nurse?”

There are so many advantages of being a Certified Assistant Nurse. A CNA is an entry-level job in the medical field. This gives you the scope to learn and gain experience from a variety of different nursing specializations, helping your career path become broader.

Because of the rise of COVID-19, the surge of doctors and nurses has bloomed tremendously in the last two years. With the correct qualification and experience, you can kick-start your career now!

In this pandemic situation, the best career choice you can make is being a Certified Assistant Nurse. Looking for more reasons to become a CNA? Keep reading to learn more.

What Are the Qualification Needed to Become a CNA?

Being a Certified Assistant Nurse - Qualifications
Being a Certified Assistant Nurse – Qualifications

Before going straight into the best things about being a Certified Assistant Nurse, you must know what the qualifications are that will be required to become a CNA.

Fortunately, it does not require a lot of degrees to become a CNA. Here is a breakdown of how you can become a CNA.

  • You will need a high school degree or your GED certificate.
  • With your high school degree or GED, you will be enrolled in a CNA training program. You can complete a CNA training program from any state-certified training organization. Some of the training programs might have an admission test.
  • Once you complete the training, you must qualify for the CNA State Certification exam to receive your CNA certification.

After you get your certification, you can start working as CNA in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or adult daycares, as well as other professions.

Now let’s discuss some of the best things about being a Certified Assistant Nurse that may help encourage you in becoming one.

6 Best Things About Being a Certified Assistant Nurse

Being a nurse requires a lot of compassion. You meet different people every day and have to take care of them in different ways. This will require not only educational and clinical practices but also humane qualities.

But at some point, you might think, “What is the best thing I am getting by working in this field?” Having this thought is totally natural. Keep reading to find out the best things about being a Certified Assistant Nurse.

The Best Things About Being a Certified Assistant Nurse
The Best Things About Being a Certified Assistant Nurse

Secure Job

The job demand for nurses is soaring high in recent times. Nursing jobs and their market value is increasing more than ever. The estimated market growth value is 7%. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job opportunities for CNAs will increase by 18% by 2024.

Since CNA is an entry-level job, you will be open to a wide array of career choices and specializations in the future. You can start by working under a registered nurse (RN) to become an RN. As the aging population is growing, the demand for CNAs for assisted living facilities and private home care is also surging.

You Build Wonderful Relations

It is sure tough to stay awake all night, taking care of patients or running to their aid whenever someone asks for you. However, out of this chaos and rush, most of the time you get a beautiful relationship.

Being a nurse requires a lot of compassion and the ability to make others feel better in your presence. One of the best things about being a certified assistant nurse is the emotional reward you receive from patients and their families. You spend a lot of time with them, which results in strong bonds and a friendship that goes beyond the boundaries of the hospital.

An Array of Different Opportunities

As mentioned earlier in the article, a CNA is an entry-level job. You can become a CNA without a college degree. After you start your career as CNA, you can further do other specialization courses to become specialized nurses. You can also complete your college degree, and go further into the research field.

Immediately after CNA, you can become a licensed vocational nurse (LPN). You may like to further advance on the same line and become an advanced CNA. Or you can also enter the administration. To know more about the career progression of CNA read this blog.

Less Education to Start With

One of the biggest advantages and reasons why more people are choosing a CNA career is because of the educational requirements. To become a CNA you do not need to acquire a higher educational degree. To start CNA training, you will only need your high school degree.

The CNA training courses are also affordable compared to many of the other courses you can take. The training programs for CNAs normally range between $300 to $1,500. There are many scholarships and financial aid programs, too, to support the students.

Shorter Training Period

Online, an MBBS or an MS CNA training period is not long. The average duration of a CNA degree is between 4 weeks to 12 weeks. The training course will include the minimum number of practical hours required by each state.

Throughout your clinical training, you will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge. The clinical training will include learning how to take vitals, how to take care of patients, different medications, and other useful skills.

Changing Job Locations

Becoming a CNA doesn’t restrict you to working in only one place. As the demand for CNAs is increasing each day, the possibilities and the chances of job switching are also increasing. As a CNA you can work in various places ranging from hospitals and nursing homes to rehabilitation centers.

Working in each of these places comes with its own learning curves and challenges. You will likely have to adapt and learn new skill sets. These lessons will help you grow higher in your career. The different locations and learning opportunities will ensure you never have a dull day in your workplace.

Summing up

Being a certified assistant nurse is a challenging, inspiring, and demanding job. Knowing that you have to skills to save a person’s life is a miracle in itself. To see people coming back from sickness and being able to take care of themselves and their families is emotionally rewarding.

To start off, though, you have to make your base clear and enter the best CNA training school. Use our free CNA practice test to help you prepare for the exam more successfully. The more you practice, the better you will become.


What is the most important function of a CNA?

There is no most important function of a CNA, but the most common job responsibilities of CNAs are to provide every patient with basic care and help them with all of their daily chores.

How much does a CNA make an hour?

According to the data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020, the average pay per hour for CNAs is $14.82 per hour.

Can I become CNA online?

Yes, a lot of organizations are offering various online CNA courses. The online programs are very helpful for students because of their flexible structure. 

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