5 CNA Job Responsibilities You Will Be Doing

CNA Job Responsibilities

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Is watching Bokhee of Grey’s Anatomy lately enticing you to enter the medical field? Perhaps, you are not sure of what other CNA job responsibilities you will have to face in real life. Are all these questions creating more questions in your mind?

If that is the case, you will find your answers in this article. I will talk about where you will work as a CNA and what your primary job responsibilities will be. To add the cherry on top, you will find a CNA practice test to help you ramp up your exam preparation.

Where Will You Work as a CNA

Once you become a CNA, you will be entering an arena of noble people serving society. It is essential to be aware of some of the CNA job responsibilities before you start working as a CNA. Your workplace responsibilities will only increase with your growing years of experience. Your primary workplace will be at hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. But apart from these places, there are plenty of other places where your career as a CNA can thrive.

Let us see where you can work as a CNA and some of the CNA job responsibilities.

Nursing Homes

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 33% of CNAs work in nursing at nursing caregiving facilities. CNAs working in nursing homes are majorly responsible for providing care and support to all the patients.

The demand for CNAs in nursing homes is immense. During the pandemic, the demand was at a peak. Apart from the caregiving, they are also responsible for first-hand medical responsibilities. The number of CNAs working in nursing homes is increasing because of the good salary and job security.

Assisted Living Facility

Throughout the states, there are many assisted living facilities where there is a fairly high demand for CNAs. These are the places where the elderly can stay and be taken care of. Most of these living facilities are tailor-made keeping in mind the serious health problems some elderly people face.

CNA Job Responsibilities- Assisted living facility
CNA Job Responsibilities- Assisted living facility

For this reason, the hiring surge of CNAs in assisted living facilities is high. They take care of the residents according to their needs. According to BLS, CNAs in these living facilities account for around 11% of the employment.


According to a BLS report, 33% of total CNAs employment is working in hospitals. Hospitals are the major employment place for this career. CNAs enter hospitals as entry-level nurses and work under registered nurses.

CNA Job Responsibilities- Caring for a patient

The CNA job responsibilities in hospitals might vary according to your state guidelines. The work for CNAs may also depend on which department you’re in. Many CNAs work in hospitals because the job security and compensation are good.

Home Healthcare Facilities

5% of CNAs work at in-home healthcare facilities according to a BLS report. Many people might not stay in an assisted living facility or nursing home. In situations like this, hiring a CNA is very common.

Often in this situation, the CNA is responsible for providing medical support, and caregiving to people in their homes. They might also assist senior healthcare registered nurses with higher medical care.

Government Healthcare Facilities

Apart from regular nursing homes and hospitals, CNAs working in various Government Healthcare facilities are common. Among Govt. facilities the most known places are:

  • Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons.
  • Department of Defense.
  • Veterans Health Administration.

CNAs can work in various other places like traveling CNA agencies or adult daycare centers. A few can provide private nursing assistance services, too.

Now let’s discuss some of the CNA job responsibilities that may educate you about the job options available for a CNA.

5 CNA Job Responsibilities You Will Have

Helping Patients with Their Daily Meals & Medicines

As a CNA, you would take care of patients suffering from various ailments. Your primary work would be helping them adjust to the hospital atmosphere. This includes providing timely meals and medicines per the patient’s condition and the nature of the ailment.

Taking Vitals

This is one regular task in the life of a CNA. You would make your rounds around the wards and check the vitals of the patients from blood pressure to heart rate. This could be monotonous but remember, you are their first line of defense and whatever you find could make a huge difference in the patient’s wellbeing. 

You will require special training to become quicker and more efficient at such tasks. Start the process right with this CNA practice test to see whether you understand the terms involved with this duty. 

Helping with Patient’s Movement

One of the responsibilities of a CNA is taking care of the general health of the patients. Lying in bed for long periods can cause bedsores and aches in patients, which adds to their suffering. You would help them move around, sit up, or even help them shift around in bed.

CNA Job Responsibilities- Helping with Patient’s Movement
CNA Job Responsibilities- Helping with Patient’s Movement

Sanitization & Cleaning

This task is what sets you apart from the other jobs in the world. The word noble attains a whole new meaning with this duty. You would be helping patients maintain their hygiene, as well as keep their surroundings clean. It is indeed a tough job, but the looks of gratitude from the patient and their family when they finally leave the hospital is worth doing it all over again.

Internal & External Communication

This is more of a desk job where you would represent the organization by answering inquiries from the public and patients who wish to procure information about the services provided. This may also include business calls from suppliers and medical representatives. You would be required to respond to such calls appropriately. Also, there would be internal communication tasks that would require tactful handling of multiple requests.

Summing up

The roles of a CNA given above are in no way exhaustive. Being in the healthcare field, your job could extend to long hours. A CNA’s job responsibilities may vary depending on the place you choose to work as a CNA. The scope of growth in this field is numerous and has potential career-growth opportunities. Take a look at this article for example. You will see that the career progression is indeed similar to what I have explained here


What is the CNA inpatient assessment?

The vitals of a patient is measured and documented by the CNA. Besides, a CNA helps to measure the progress of the health condition of patients. These observations help doctors analyze anomalies and treat them accordingly.

How much does a CNA make?

Depending on the experience and type of field, a CNA’s salary can go up to $42,000. Of course, there are always growth options in this field for those who wish to aim higher.

Is CNA an easy job?

Though getting a job as a CNA is relatively easy, the job requires certain personal skills, such as dedication, perseverance, and patience. These greatly influence your growth and survival in the field. Taking care of patients can be difficult, but with the right mindset, you can make a difference in every person who gets treated under your care.

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