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The CNA exam is divided into two parts:

  • The written exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions and is usually about two hours long.
  • The clinical skills test requires you to perform certain nursing tasks in front of an evaluator, and usually lasts about 45 minutes.

Our free practice test (below) helps you prepare for and pass the written portion of the exam: it contains 20 questions, all of which are representative of the questions that appear on the real thing.

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Proper use of a waist restraint requires that the nurse aide:*
During breakfast, the client eats 2 pieces of toast, 16 oz yogurt, and 6 oz orange juice. Later in the morning, the client has half an 8 oz cup of coffee plus 24 oz of ice chips. What should the nurse aide record as the client’s intake during this time?*
To avoid pulling the indwelling catheter when turning a client, the catheter tube should be taped to the client’s:*
The nurse aide is caring for a client who only speaks and understands a foreign language. Which of the following actions should the nurse aide NOT take?*
A client invites the nurse aide to participate in prayer with them. The nurse aide SHOULD:*
Which of the following is a GOOD listening approach when communicating with clients?*
Which of the following vital signs SHOULD be reported immediately?*
What is a possible beginning sign of a pressure sore?*
A client wakes up in the middle of the night and asks for something to eat. The nurse aide SHOULD:*
How SHOULD the nurse aide keep a confused client oriented to their surroundings?*
Which part of the client’s body should the nurse aide wash LAST when providing a bed bath?*
To lift an object using good body mechanics, the nurse aide SHOULD:*
When using a gait belt to help a client walk, which instruction should the nurse aide NOT follow?*
Which of the following documents would inform the nurse aide of a client’s needs?*
Which of these statements about dentures is FALSE?*
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