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Here are some of the key differences between the NCLEX Next Generation (NGN) exam and the old NCLEX:

Test format: The NGN is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), which means that the difficulty of the questions you are asked changes based on your performance on previous questions. The old NCLEX was a linear exam, which means that you answered all of the questions in the same order, regardless of how well you did on the earlier questions.

Item types: The NGN includes a variety of new item types, such as case studies, multiple-response questions, and drag-and-drop questions. The old NCLEX only included multiple-choice questions.

Focus: The NGN focuses on clinical judgment and decision-making. The old NCLEX focused on the ability to recall information and apply it to clinical situations.

Scoring: The NGN uses a polytomous scoring model, which means that you can earn partial credit for some questions. The old NCLEX used a dichotomous scoring model, which meant that you could only earn a point for a question if you answered it correctly.

What's Inside NCLEX RN Hero?

nclex rn study guide
nclex rn study guide

Comprehensive Study Guide

Throw away your textbooks! Created by expert pharmacists, our self-paced study guide teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know for your exam – and NOTHING you don’t!

All the information is divided up into bite-sized chunks, and you can view it on the device of your choice: smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. 

1,000+ Practice Questions

All taken from previous exams, and with detailed explanations of the correct answers – so you can learn as you go along. 

Realistic Simulated Exams

We grade and time each exam the exact same way as the NCLEX RN exam. Use them to prepare for the real thing – and receive detailed explanations of the correct answers at the end. 

NCLEX RN Hero Students Pass The First Time!

National average NCLEX pass rate
NCLEX Hero students' pass rate

"I can't believe it: I passed first time!"

Before I started using NCLEX Hero, I was in such a panic: there was so much material in my textbooks – and the other study guides were almost as big. PTCB Hero condenses all the information into "need to know" stuff. I could focus on the essentials and pass first time easily!

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Why Choose NCLEX RN Hero?

Get Expert Feedback

Our expert Nurse Educators have prepared notes for each question so you know WHY your answer was right or wrong.

Access On Any Device

NCLEX RN Hero works perfectly on your laptop or cell phone, with nothing to download – so you can study wherever, whenever.

Stay Updated

Be confident you're always learning the latest material: we constantly monitor for changes in testing standards.

The Experts Behind PTCB Hero

Patricia Weiser

Patricia Weiser, PharmD, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a licensed community pharmacist. She also owns her own business providing freelance medical writing and pharmacist consulting services. 

HaVy Ngo graduated from Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. With experience in both hospital and community pharmacy settings, Dr. Ngo is passionate about guiding patients to better health through medication therapy and lifestyle counseling. She is certified in sterile compounding.

HaVy Ngo

"i PASSED!!"

When the exam started and the first few questions looked SUPER familiar, I knew I was going to pass! I wouldn't have been able to do it without using NCLEX Hero to prepare.
North Carolina

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