Are you prepared for your exam? Find out by taking our free RRT TMC practice test, featuring questions from the 2024 TMC syllabus

About the RRT TMC Practice Test

On this page you’ll see 15 RRT TMC practice test questions, all representative of the type of questions you can expect to see on your real therapist multiple choice exam.

They cover all three of the knowledge domains the NBRC tests you on:

  • Patient Data
  • Troubleshooting and quality control of devices,
    and infection control
  • Initiation and modification of interventions

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How to prepare for your RRT exam

As you’ll know when you’ve taken the free RRT TMC practice exam, the RRT isn’t easy! Even if you’ve completed a Respiratory Therapist program or logged hundreds of hours of work experience, you should not expect to just show up on the day and be able to pass.

Many people go into the exam totally unprepared…which is why nationwide only 77% of people pass!

We know – that sounds scary. But don’t worry: the exam isn’t impossibly difficult. The problem is that most students aren’t told how to prepare properly, and they’re given giant textbooks that are impossible to memorize.

Taking online quizzes is a good start, but it’s an inefficient form of exam practice.

That’s why we put together RRT Hero, which tells you exactly what you need to know and gives you all the tools we need to prepare. It’s so good, our students’ pass rate is 98% – and if you don’t pass first time, we’ll give you a full refund!

We’ll tell you more about RRT Hero after you’ve taken the practice test. Taking free RRT TMC practice tests is a great place to start, because the practice questions you get right and wrong will you an idea of which content areas you need to focus on.

Get Ready – Here's The Practice Test. Good Luck!

Breeze through your RRT exam

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