I Failed My SPI Exam: What Do I Do Next?

I Failed My SPI Exam: What Do I Do Next?

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The Sonography Principles and Instruments SPI exam is complex, and only some who take the exam pass it the first time. You may earn a poor grade despite your best efforts. You may be shocked and frustrated, asking how I failed my SPI exam. Fortunately, you can repeat the exam; however, if you want to improve your chances of success on your second attempt, you must adjust some of your study habits. Without question, there is one study habit that is one of the most typical reasons for exam failure. 

Taking the SPI exam is unlike studying for a class quiz or test. A rigorous, standardized exam tests all you need to know to work as a Pharmacy Technician. As a result, while you may believe you can learn everything the night before the exam, this is different. You may have failed the exam because you needed to give yourself more time to study.

How Can I Tell If I Passed the SPI?

The SPI exam is a computerized, online test. A preliminary exam result is displayed on the screen once you have completed your survey following the test. Even if this isn’t the final result, it demonstrates that you have the ability. Based on this unofficial score, you should be able to determine if you passed or failed the test. 

Your score must be validated before you can add it to your account. Your SPI Portal account should have access to your exam score three weeks following the exam date. Your results will also demonstrate how well you performed in each knowledge subject, which allows you to assess your strengths and limitations. You must pass the test to know which subjects to focus on when you try again.

You Should Divide the SPI into Manageable Phases

It could be challenging to see a failing grade on the screen. As you get ready to tell your family and friends, you may feel guilty, shocked, and confused. In the end, you studied and prepared for the exam. Even if it hurts to think about, you must figure out how you may have failed, since there is no other way to succeed the next time. Here are a few ideas to help you avoid failing next time.

Manageable Phases for SPI
Manageable Phases for SPI


Taking practice examinations is the simplest way to figure out if you’re ready to retake your SPI exam. Since it contains a wide range of questions from all knowledge categories that have appeared on prior examinations, we advise beginning with our free SPI practice test. The SPI wrote in a complicated fashion that may appear in a foreign language to someone unfamiliar with the terminology.

There are hundreds of practice questions in the SPI practice test. You can take things a step further and put yourself through the same challenges as the actual exam. You can be confident that your position is good if you can complete a practice test without consulting your notes.


There are several options depending on your learning preferences. If money is tight, think about renting or purchasing used books. Read the reviews to decide which is best for you. Try to study each chapter and take thorough notes. As the ideas expand, having a solid understanding of the principles will be helpful. Make sure the book has tests and quizzes.


Play around with the doppler and frequencies while scanning. Think about the impedance changes while scanning without gel. Analyze the effects of adjusting the write/read zoom, or sector width on the devices’ temporal resolution. When evaluating refraction, consider the posterior enhancement of a cyst, the posterior shadow created by the absorption of a gallbladder stone, or the edge shadow of a baby’s skull. 

As you scale upward, see how the color of the medial kidney changes. All these real-world applications aid your memory when attempting to recall material while spending the entire test in front of a computer screen.


You’ll be in the dark about certain things. Something always catches you off guard, no matter how carefully you study. Do not be discouraged by that. If you like, go with your intuition or jot down anything you want to evaluate. If you’ve done any studying or preparation, you could know more than you think. There should only be two choices presented. 

Your odds are 50/50 after that. The test’s subsequent questions, in some cases, provide the solution. So, keep the initial inquiry in mind, as the answer can arrive in a subsequent query. However, the entire form is viewed as incorrect if any fields are left blank.


On each scrap of paper, I could find, I created flashcards and study aids and occasionally gave myself pop quizzes. In the morning, when I first get out of bed, at a stoplight, or at night when I brush my teeth. Repetition regularly aids retention. Drawings can aid in the formation of mental links between ideas and concepts. It will stick more readily if you’re imaginative.


It’s normal to spend time on your most robust topics since it feels good, but you should put your weaker subjects first. Determine where you should spend most of your time based on your first exam, as well as your practice examinations. You may transform your flaws into strengths on exam day.

What Happens If You Don’t Pass the SPI Exam?

Although no one enjoys failing, it is not the end of the world, since you may repeat the exam. 

You must go through the same process of scheduling your exam and paying the application fee as you did the first time. You have 90 days after gaining approval to book the test. You will lose your application fee if you don’t repeat the exam within 90 days. You may extend your authorization if you need more preparation for the exam.

Wrapping Up

It is a frightening feeling when you enter the examination room to retake your SPI exam and are worried you have “failed my SPI exam”. That is perfectly OK! Remember that you’ve been here before. You already know what to anticipate. Take a deep breath when the exam begins, take your time, and begin with the more straightforward questions first. If you need to know the answer immediately, write it down and return it later. 

Being stuck in your thoughts, and not believing in yourself might lead to your demise. If you fail the first time, the downloaded paper deconstructs each topic and your score. This can serve as a guideline in the future. If you study diligently, the test is simple, in contrast. You’ll almost surely pass this exam and be well on your way to becoming an excellent sonographer. If you are passionate about becoming a sonographer in your state, make sure to use our free SPI practice test to help you efficiently. 

Frequently Asked Questions


A scaled score of 555 is required to pass the SPI exam.


Plan for at least 2 months, if not more, and have a revision session planned before.


There are 110 multiple-choice questions.