How to Pass the SPI Exam


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Are you thinking of taking the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) exam? Or do you have someone you know that is interested in taking the exam? If yes to any of these, then you are in the right place to understand how to pass it.

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) SPI exam is an initial step you can take to have access to other ARDMS credentials. Here, we will briefly give an overview of the SPI exam and then look at certain steps you can take to pass the SPI exam.

About the SPI Exam

This examination reviews your acquired knowledge and your capabilities in several domains, including quality assurance and clinical safety. Other domains you are tested on include pulsed echo instrumentation and physical principles.

There is an SPI content outline available online for you to download and study with. This contains topics under five domains – Doppler imaging concepts and the other four already mentioned above. This outline also highlights the expected knowledge and skills to be acquired under each domain. All the questions you will face in the SPI exam will be from the topics and domains mentioned in the content outline, so it is something you should get familiar with. Studying these topics carefully is a good step in the right direction.

SPI Content Outline

Your entire exam is going to be for about two (2) hours. During that time, you will take a survey that will last for just three minutes. You will also answer about one hundred and ten (110), give or take, questions within the set time. All these questions will be multiple-choice.

This exam can be taken at a physical center or online. You should note that calculators are not allowed for the exam. However, a whiteboard will be provided for you.

How to Pass

The SPI exam can appear as a daunting and challenging hurdle to cross. But you do not need to see it that way! There are five solid steps you can take to increase your chances and pass the SPI exam. Let’s explore these:

Believe in yourself!
Regardless of what you may have heard or thought of, the SPI exam is beatable! Yes, it is! The questions are not easy, true, but they are not without answers. So don’t lose courage. A positive mindset is extremely important for success. You cannot afford to be self-defeated in your mind. So believe in yourself!

Study the Outline
Do you remember the content outline I mentioned earlier? It contains the topics you will be tested on. With this, you already have a template to explore. You have to review the topics in each of the five domains and acquire the knowledge and skills that are required. Does this seem like a daunting task? Not to worry. We’ve got a reliable approach to help – the SPI Hero. With our SPI Prep course designed just for you, you’ll be able to focus on the key facts you need for the exam and avoid wasting time on unnecessary details.

Test Yourself
Nothing says “exam preparedness” like practice questions in a simulated examination environment that is similar to the real thing. Having lots of practice questions to work on could be a game-changer for you. Of course, for these questions to be effective, the questions have to be as similar to the real questions as possible. These could help you identify gaps in your knowledge and skills. They could guide your study focus so you will be able to tackle your weak points confidently.
Of course, answering the questions correctly or otherwise is not enough. You can greatly benefit from a robust explanation of each answer given. This is another good way to revise.

Get Prepared for the Exam Day
For all the studying, practicing, and revising you will do, you should also take care to prevent simple problems that can negatively impact your overall score. You want to keep things all together to pass the SPI exam. Here are some ideas:

  1. You should give yourself a proper night’s sleep before the day of the SPI exam. You don’t want to enter this battle all drowsy and sleepy. Get some good rest so you can go into the exam with a relaxed mind. You will also be able to concentrate better.
  2. Avoid traveling with a lot of loads. You only need yourself inside the testing room. Any essentials you have brought with you can be kept in lockers available at your test center. So no need to burden yourself with luggage or baggage.
  3. Be sure of the exact location of your center before the date of the exam. Don’t wait until that exam morning to begin to figure out your center and how you can get there. This may cause you to become disorganized or get to the center late. There is no reason you shouldn’t have arrived and registered about half an hour before the exam start time. This can allow you time to settle in and calm down before the timer starts.
  4. You must have a valid form of identification that is acceptable at your test center. This must also be current and not expired.
  5. Get Awesome Study Help!

If all of these seem a bit overwhelming, don’t panic. We have just the thing to help in times like this. We have created a package just for you which will prepare you to pass the SPI exam – the SPI Hero!

With our SPI Prep Course, you will have access to:

  • Hundreds of sample practice questions to get you confident and battle-ready for your SPI exam date. These questions are from past editions of the SPI exams. You can test yourself thoroughly with them.
  • A concise and focused study guide to get you all the needed information in the shortest possible time. No stories, no unneeded details – just the key points to get you the exam essentials.
  • Simulated examinations to give you a sample of what is coming. We time you and grade your work in the same manner as in the real exam.
  • Updates and new information on the SPI exam as they come!

Once you finalize your payment for this SPI Prep Course, we will send you an email with your account details, and your journey to SPI examination success can begin!