Understanding the Cost of ARRT Certification


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Earning certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is a significant step for professionals in the radiologic technology field, helping to enhance career opportunities and ensure high standards of patient care. The ARRT certification cost varies and depends on several factors, including the type of certification and prerequisites. This guide will provide an in-depth look at these costs, helping aspiring technologists prepare financially for this important career milestone.

Summary of ARRT Certification Costs

Application Fee$200
Examination Fee$200
Annual Renewal Fee$30
Continuing EducationVariable
Additional Specialties$200 each
Late Renewal Fee$50

Initial ARRT Certification Cost

Application and Examination Fees: The initial step towards ARRT certification involves submitting an application and scheduling an examination. As of now, the standard application fee is $200. This fee is required to process your application and verify your eligibility. Following the application, an examination fee of $200 is also required. This fee covers the cost of administering the exam, which is essential for assessing the candidate’s competence in their chosen radiologic specialty.

Study Materials and Preparation Courses: While not directly charged by ARRT, preparation for the certification exam often involves additional expenses. These can include study guides, practice tests, and courses designed to help candidates succeed. The costs can vary significantly, from approximately $50 to over $500, depending on the resources chosen.

Ongoing Costs

Annual Renewal Fee: Maintaining your ARRT certification requires an annual renewal. This involves a fee of $30, which supports the continuous administration of certifications and ensures that all certified professionals adhere to the ARRT’s standards of ethics and education.

Continuing Education: To ensure that radiologic technologists stay current with technological advancements and professional standards, ARRT requires continuing education (CE) every two years. The costs associated with CE can vary widely, depending on the courses selected. Typically, technologists should expect to spend anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars on CE credits over each biennium.

Additional Specialties Certification

For those looking to expand their qualifications, certification in additional specialties is available. Each additional specialty certification requires an application process similar to the initial certification, including a fee of $200.

Late Fees and Other Considerations

Failing to renew certification on time can result in a late fee of $50. It’s important to manage certification timelines carefully to avoid these additional costs.


The ARRT certification is a valuable asset for radiologic technologists, symbolizing a commitment to professional development and quality patient care. While the costs associated with obtaining and maintaining certification can be significant, they represent an investment in your professional future. Aspiring technologists should plan their finances accordingly, considering both the initial and ongoing expenses related to ARRT certification.