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So you’re wondering how much money radiography technologists make in Florida? Hey! I won’t blame you for being curious. It’s pretty smart to know, think and research your prospects before you commit to your career goals.

The median salary for a radiography technologist is around $60,000 per year. But many factors can affect this estimate.  

In this article, I will cover how much money you can make as a radiography tech- also known as a radiologic technologist- in Florida.

How Much Does a Radiologic Technologist Make per Year in Florida?

Your salary as a radiography tech depends on your experience level in the healthcare industry. But here is an estimate:

In Florida, the average salary for a radiologic technologist is around $60,000 per year or $28 per hour. 

Here is a breakdown based on industry experience:

  • The salary for an entry-level Radiologic Technologist stands around $39,000 per year or $19.00 per hour
  • The salary for a junior level Radiologic Technologist stands around $47,000 per year or $23.00 per hour
  • The salary for a mid-level Radiologic Technologist stands around $60,000 per year or $29.00 per hour
  • The salary for a top-level Radiologic Technologist stands around $71,000 or $34.00 per hour 

Which Cities Pay the Most in Florida?

Your pay scale depends on several factors, some within a degree of your control, such as your experience level. But it also depends on how deep your employers’ pockets are. Here are the three cities in Florida that pay top bucks for a Radiologic Technologist:


Our list starts with Inverness. The average hourly salary for Radiologic Technologist is around $32, and the maximum can reach up to $96.

Crystal River

In the second entry, we have the city of Crystal River. The average hourly salary figures are the same as the city of Inverness. So you can’t go wrong with either of these two choices.


Again, the hourly pay rates are the same as the first two entries in our list, but the maximum hourly pay is slightly higher at $100. Perhaps, the best place to work? Financially, yes. 

Which Cities Pay the Least in Florida?

Strictly speaking, if money is your priority, these cities shouldn’t be your priority.

Port Charlotte

Its average hourly pay is one of the lowest of all the cities in Florida, standing at $27 per hour, and the maximum can reach up to $84.

Port Gorda

It has the same hourly and maximum pay figures as the city of Port Charlotte. 


Out of all the least paying cities, the exception about Apopka is that its maximum pay figures are much higher than the other two cities that made this list, around $100. 

And this is comparable to the top-paying cities. So, the salary estimate depends on the employer, but on average, Apopka still makes it to the least-paying list. 

Wrapping up 

So yeah, those are the approximate figures. Around $60,000 is the median per year. The best cities that offer the highest salaries are Inverness, Crystal River, and Gainesville. In contrast, the cities that offer the lowest pay are Port Charlotte, Port Gorda, and Apopka.      

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from the internet I have answered for you:

Which State Pays the Most Salary for Radiologic Technologists?  

This article will not be complete if I don’t cover the states that pay the most for Radiologic Technologists. When you think about it, you will be doing the same job yet earning more.

But not everyone is keen on shifting to a new state for their career goals; yet, it’s good to know these facts. Here are the top three states in the US that pay the most for radiography techs:       


Radiologic technologists from California earn the most out of all the states, which is around $73,000 per year. 

New Jersey

The second on our list is New Jersey. The average radiologic tech earns around $64,000 per year.

New York    

It shares the same figures as New Jersey, which is around $64,000.

Which States Pay the Least Salary for Radiologic Technologists?

Here are the states that pay the least for radiography techs: Iowa, South Dakota, and Montana. The average radiologic tech from these states earns around $38,000 per year. 

For a much more in-depth analysis of salaries in different states, please visit this page on salaries by state

How Does Radiography Tech Salary Compare With Other Imaging Disciplines?

The field of medicine is constantly growing and reinventing itself; due to many scientific breakthroughs, there is always room for new opportunities. 

Here is how an average radiography tech’s salary compares with other similar imaging disciplines available in the healthcare industry: 

The other four disciplines are Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologists, and Cardiovascular Technologists

Approximate Median Salary for the Five Disciplines:

  • Out of these four disciplines, the average salary of Nuclear Medicine Technologists is the highest, around $80,000 per year 
  • Closely followed by Sonographers at around $75,000 per year
  • Again, followed by MRI technologists at around $72,000 per year
  • Taking fourth place is the main subject of our article, Radiography Technologists. Standing at around $60,000 per year
  • And finally, Cardiovascular Technologists at around $58,000 per year