Your Ultimate List Of Pharmacy Technician Gift Ideas!

Your Ultimate List Of Pharmacy Technician Gift Ideas!

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Being a pharmacy technician is a rewarding career. I mean, spending your time helping people to feel as healthy as possible is truly a gift… But just because someone’s job is rewarding doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t appreciate a little extra something every now and again. In fact, there’s nothing like a thoughtful present from someone you love in order to raise a person’s spirits so if you want to find a gift that will make a pharmacy tech swoon, check out this handy guide for Pharmacy Technician Gift Ideas.

A themed coffee mug

Working long hours can be tough! Help the pharmacy tech in your life to get their daily cup of joe with a novelty-themed coffee mug. This will be the best Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea.

We especially love this heart-themed offering. After all, Yoda best gift giver too!

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

Adorable pill-shaped pens

If there’s one thing that pharmacy techs need, it’s extra pens. Somehow, they always end up going missing at the least convenient moment.

So, make a pharmacy technician smile by gifting them a set of these absolutely adorable pill-shaped pens. Just look at their cute little faces!

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

A hilarious and useful water bottle

Staying hydrated is important, but it can be hard to remember to drink enough throughout the day.

Help your pharmacy technician friend to get enough water with this novelty prescription water bottle. 

With a funny label and the ability to keep drinks cool for hours at a time, it’s bound to raise a smile!

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

A Pharmacy Technician notebook

Does your friend love to make lists? Or perhaps they like to journal about their life as a pharmacy technician? 

I mean, who can blame them when they get to chat to so many interesting customers every day?

Well, why not make their day with this special pharmacy technician’s notebook?

After all, who doesn’t want to be described as a badass miracle worker? 

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

Massaging gel shoe inserts

Pharmacy technicians spend a lot of time on their feet. And remaining upright for hours on end can play havoc with a person’s feet.

Help soothe their aches and pains with these heavenly massaging gel inserts.

They’ll love it, promise!

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

Relaxing bath bombs

Measuring and cutting drugs, filling prescriptions, doing inventory, and dealing with customers keep pharmacy technicians busy all through the day. Help your friend to relax with these soothing bath bombs. 

With both shea and cocoa butter, these pretty bath fizzes are perfect for unwinding. Especially if they have had a tricky day of dealing with pharmacy customers (yup, people complain in every retail environment, including pharmacies).

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

Novelty pill earings

Does your pharmacy tech friend have a quirky sense of style? Are they always looking for new ways to express themselves? If so, they might appreciate these funky earrings decorated with capsule pills.

What better way to show their pharmacy technicians’ pride outside of work than wearing pills in their ears?

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

Hand cream

Between wearing gloves and hand washing, working as a pharmacy tech can be tough on your skin.

So, why not help to keep their hands soft and supple with good quality hand cream. This Burts Bees Baobab Oil Ultimate Care Hand Cream is a rich, moisturizing hand lotion that revitalizes extra tough, dried-out skin.

What could be better than that?

Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea
Pharmacy Technician Gift Idea

Novelty medicine tie

Is your friend the kind of guy who loves to talk about his work?

Decorated with brightly coloured medication bottles and capsule pills, this tie is sure to be a conversation starter.

And if you’re buying for someone who hasn’t qualified yet, we have the perfect gift…

Our PTCB Hero study guide!

If your friend is planning on taking the PTCB test, you might have noticed that they seem a little stressed.

And with a pass rate of just 58%, it’s hardly surprising that they are worried.

Luckily, using our PTCB Hero study guide brings that pass rate all the way up to 98%!

So, how does it work? 

Well, we have partnered up with two of the country’s foremost PTCB and pharmacy technician experts to help candidates pass their exam on their first attempt. 

To do this, we use bite-size chunks of information that can be viewed on laptops, phones, desktops, or tablets. And our study guides teach you everything you need to know for the PTCB exam in a format that can be viewed wherever you are.

Choosing this gift for your soon-to-be pharmacy tech friend is bound to have you labeled as the number one best friend ever.

In fact, we are so confident that you’ll love our study guides we offer a money-back guarantee. So, why not give the Pharmacy Technician Gift of a brand-spanking new career?

And if you want to check out the types of questions your friend will be facing when they sit their exam, try our take your free PTCB practice test now!

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