4 Best States for Radiologists

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I was adamant when I joined my university. It just needed to be the best place where I could complete my education and secure a high-paying job through my efforts. It was the dream for many. But the state you work in and its conditions can influence your job growth and savings.    

The best states for Radiologists are Washington, Arkansas, Arizona, and New York. Based on several factors, the job market can be competitive and still pay average wages based on the living costs of the state.   

In this article, I will cover the best states where you can become a radiologist by factoring in the cost of living, wages, and the job market in the surrounding area.    

What Are the Best States for Radiologists?

Before we jump to the main question, I would love to know what you define as “best.” Because you see, when it comes to our careers, the definition of “best” equates to a higher salary for many.  

If salary is your priority, the list is easy to come up with, as there’s sufficient data. But if you take other factors such as quality of life, living costs (hey California!), and infrastructure — the line indeed blurs. 

So I’m just going to assume you’re a recent college graduate or you just decided to become a radiologist. Hence, I will base my list on how easy it’s going to be to secure a job as a radiologist in said states after graduation. That too with high pay.

Let’s get to it. And remember each state retains its uniqueness, hence only you can choose what’s best for you:

Washington — you graduate and immediately get a job and live happily thereafter

Yes, it could be that simple. And the reason for that is that Washington has the biggest job market for radiologists.  

Here’s the government statistics report that you should find interesting. It has many estimates and stats, but if you don’t have the time, no problem at all. I have got you covered:

Institutions from Washington offer good salaries, which stand at just over $208,000 per year. To top it off— it’s going to be easy to find jobs because there’s so much demand for radiologists.     

But here is something you should know about Washington: compared to the national average, the cost of living is 13% greater. Also, renting and real estate don’t come cheap in the Evergreen State.  

If what I mentioned doesn’t sound good, perhaps the next entry might be your thing.  

Arkansas — compete in the smaller market, but you can earn top bucks

“Smaller market,” please don’t get the wrong idea. Based on the statistics I shared, Arkansas still has a significantly higher amount of job listings for radiologists compared to the national average. 

But compared to Washington, yes, there are lesser positions that you can occupy as a radiologist. Hence, it’s good old-fashioned competition against other graduates or professionals with the same credentials as you.

But I put this high on the list because corporations from Arkansas pay top bucks. One of the highest in the states. Around $325,830 per year.  

This salary is great; as the living cost in the state is comparatively lower. And housing is a whopping 21% cheaper than in other states. Hence, you can earn big and also can save big. If you’re ready to deal with the intense competition.     

Arizona — a good balance between all the factors maybe?

It could be the state that can meet all your ends. But compromises have to be made as the market is not as big as Washington, nor its salary is as good as Arkansas. 

Instead, it occupies a sweet spot between the two that one cannot ignore the Grand Canyon State.   

The salary figures for radiologists hover around $205,000 in Arizona hence in the same league as Washington. 

I would say the cost of living in Arizona is alright. Although, it can get expensive based on the neighborhood you wish to move in. But it’s still manageable.

Rhode Island — salary is nice, but what about other factors?

I hear you: it’s one of the most expensive states. But the pay you can earn is also quite nice. Hey! It’s common knowledge that people migrate to other states when services become expensive.  

One of my close friends recently shifted from Cali to Nevada. And I asked him if it was because of the cost of living. He mentioned it as one of the reasons. 

But that’s just one side of the coin. People start shifting when the wages they earn don’t meet their ends.

I included Rhode Island in this list as a state that you should look out for as a Radiologist because you can meet your ends. It falls within the bracket of the top four or five states that pay the most. Around $338,000 per year.  

Yes, the place is expensive. But for a tiny state with just 1,214 square miles of real estate, its job market is doing very well. 

If you’re lucky, you can find some places in Providence or near where things are on the affordable end.  

New York — it’s the easiest option

You just graduated, and you need a job as a Radiologist. Look no further. New York, it is. It has the best employment levels of all the states. 

So getting a job and gaining clinical experience as a fresh graduate is going to be quite easy. Yet, I include this at the bottom of the list. Well, I’m sure you have figured it out by now: the cost of living.

Its salary figures are comparable to Washington’s. Around $224,970. Yes, it’s more expensive to live in compared to other places on the list. 

Hey! But it’s New York. One of the most well-known states, and it frequently tops the list of best places to stay.    

Wrapping Up 

In my opinion, the best places for Radiologists are Washington, Arkansas, Arizona, and New York. 

Maybe you’re not keen on shifting to any of these places? Not a problem. I suggest you glance at these stats and play around with the numbers until you can find the right fit. Best!

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