A day in the life of a Pharmacy Technician

A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician

Hello, what brings you here? What got you interested in the life of a pharmacy technician? If it is the love for the career, you must be aware of the job roles of a Pharmacy Technician by now (I hope


Tips and Tricks to Remember Drug Names for your PTCB Exam

Are you struggling to remember drug names and their actions? Are you concerned about remembering drug names? Are you wondering what tricks you can use to memorize drug names easily? In this article, you will find many tips and tricks

A Guide to the Best Cities for CNA

A Guide to the Best Cities for CNAs

Graduating from the best school in the city is something that will help you lay a firm base for your career. If you have been wondering about the cities with the best CNA schools, then you are at the right

CNA dress code

An Ultimate Guidebook to CNA Dress Code

What to wear: An employee chooses. How to dress: His employer chose. Mokokoma Mokhonoana Do you long to wear the scrubs and uniforms worn by your favorite Grey’s Anatomy characters? Do you wonder why everyone is wearing a particular color